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2013 - 6 CedarGrove-final Rszd

Cedar Grove 2013 – 16 x 20 in – oil on canvas board

Sometimes i wonder is I am working against myself.  I could have done an acrylic painting.  I thought an oil painting would be better appreciated.  However the high humidity of the past 6 weeks has really become an issue.  I have it outside in the sun trying to dry. If anyone has any hints on what I can do so I can frame it – please advise. I do have another 5 weeks before I hand it over.  I have a frame ready.  No time to varnish it of course.

I am doing this for my niece – for her wedding.  This cluster of cedars are beside her parents’ country home.  They are older than I am and as time passes so will they.  I thought they would be a nice reflection for her in her new home in the United States.