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This summer I have 2 workshops.  The July workshop is about Drawing: Portrait & Drapery and the August workshop is about using the Palette Knife: Realism & Abstract with acrylic paint.  Last evening another instructor was teaching Palette Knife and I will be visiting her to see what she does in her class – she is a good teacher and a more experienced teacherart ieas Aug_2010 026 than I am.

The drawing class started last evening and unfortunately I have no images to share of my student’s hard work. The image here is from my portfolio – an ink drawing.  It is a small class – 7 students.  Thankfully they all have the temperament needed to draw with exactitude.  The first 2 classes are warm up classes that push the students to draw with depth and accuracy. The last 3 classes will have live models, which is a wonderful opportunity for my students.

We looked at planes and contour last evening.  I also introduced them to drawing within their picture plane – which means not letting your image wander off the paper. I had them tie fabric into a bundle and draw it.  It is very hard to get your students to learn they must look at the object from every side.  This will be a big deal throughout the class.  I now have sympathy for my past instructors.  I do remember being one of those students that drove models nuts with my intensity. Although we have only been staring at fabric, I had hoped they would explore the 3D more.  Wait until they have to stare at a person – clinically.  Next class we will be using easels and they will be encouraged to walk around more.  I did get them up a few times – especially to view each others efforts.  It is fun to see the personality of the artist through their composition and the kind of pencil work they do.

Next week we will experiment with washes and other drawing materials like conte and charcoal.  We will also be drawing fabric that is hanging and use the plaster bust that the school has supplied.  I am thinking of bringing my cement fondue bust so they have a 2nd one to work from.  That may be the only thing I bring, as it is pretty heavy.

1973 - my student work

1973 – my student work