Solar Powered Capsule

I was so impressed with this idea – it is splendid – check it out.

Another Kind Of Grass

Solar Capsule-02

The egg-shaped ecocapsule portable house allows the traveller to camp in extreme corners of the world, with the luxury of a hotel room.

This compact home measures 4.5meters (length) 2.4 meters (width) and 2.5 meters (height). It weighs about 1500 kg, and includes a bed, toilet, shower, plus a kitchenett to prepare your hot meals.

The eco capsule doesn’t require an external power source, but relies entirely on a built-in wind turbine and solar panels for energy, with a high capacity battery ensuring sufficient stored energy for times of decreased sunlight and minimal wind activity. It also collects and filters rainwater and dew for drinking and showering. 

Solar Capsule -01

Solar Capsule -04

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Solar Capsule-05

Solar Capsule

Solar Capsule

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Portraits – ACEO & INk


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ACEO - June 20150005 ACEO - June 20150006 ACEO - May ink -  Chicken Chat detail 2 ACEO - June 20150003 ACEO - June 20150002 ACEO - June 20150001

This is an interesting project – working small in the ACEO tradition.  The portrait is hard enough but smallness makes you hesitate.  When you enlarge the image it is something it shouldn’t be.

An ACEO is an artist trading card – now available for purchase to anyone.  They are the size of a baseball card – 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  The medium can be anything.