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I am working with Palette Knife and brush work in acrylic & oil this winter.   One project is the Farm Series – of places and things that remind me of the life I knew/know in rural Southern Ontario.  A regional and time sensitive project.  It started with Niska Bridge and the loss of nature and a sense of the area before bulldozing it all flat.

I am experimenting with the knife and the levels of realism I will use. This is the beginning.  Oils and acrylic respond differently as you paint and how – these differences make a mark in the art itself.  Then there is the use of the brush – how it can simplify or tidy too much.

These 3 paintings are the 1st in the series.

  1. WIP – The Apple Tree – a Fall scene –  oil 8×10 canvas board2015 JACE - oil Apple Tree st2 IMG_2090 (800x598) sgnd
  2. WIP – Grandma’s Garden – Spring – acrylic 14×18 canvas JACE - Old Garden stage 2 IMG_2286 (1024x794)sgnd
  3. Field Entrance – acrylic 18×24 canvas boardField Entrance Stage 5 IMG_2189 (1024x823) sgnd