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Niska Bridge - august 24 2015 IMG_1256 (2000x1573) sgnd

Niska Bridge 2015 – 20×16 – acrylic on board

This is the Niska Bridge near Guelph Ontario.  It is a one car bridge in what was once a purely rural area.  Now it is surrounded by highways and residential & industrial parks.  Many of these areas have been flattened and stripped of the original trees.  My grandparents lived on this road and farmed just behind where I stood to photograph this bridge.  The farm that my great-great grandfather started when he came to this country is now a treeless, flat expanse with a large Tim Horton’s factory in the middle, not too far from here.  The Guelph Historical Society is trying to preserve this bridge – and in so doing they will help stall the destruction of this land into a ‘parking lot’ [from Joni Mitchell’s song].

My painting is mostly done with Palette Knife and some brush work.  It is done in acrylic on archival board.