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Back Lane - WIP  2015 - CollageI have been taking a print workshop with Agustin Rojas.  Now I remember loving to work in the print shop at school – hours.  It has been so long that I have forgotten a lot.  I am pleased to remember at all. The Collage above shows how much work I did in 4 days.

1) drawing – idea

2) 1st proof of drypoint

3) 2nd proof – more drypoint

4) 3rd proof – 1st aquatint

Now I have reworked the plate with more dry-point and burnishing. I have a proof of that as well so I can rework it again & now for the 5th proof I hope to be nearer the end. Here is the full image a few work days ago – may post the final images.Back Lane - Aquatint WIP  2015 (640x400)sgnd