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2014 - 9 Morning has Broken 004Rszd

Sunrise – September

I honestly love both.  This was a productive summer and I am still thinking of projects to be started.  I am preparing canvases and still focused on art on paper.  School classes are almost in full gear.  Thank goodness they didn’t start all the same week.   I feel a bit overwhelmed and more focused on the classes – preparing class material and thinking about my student’s needs.  Teaching is invigorating and it takes time from my work.  I’ve been to the Alex Colville Art Show at the AGO 2x’s already – am going again this week and plan to see it at least 3 more x’s before it leaves Toronto in January.  My son and his friend viewed the show last weekend and were very impressed.   Lets hear it for great art.  It has inspired me to pursue my figurative work.