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2014 - 5 PMP-Cats 016CrpdSgndRszdWith a new set of pencils 4H to 6B and some new drawing paper, I was happy to get back into drawing a more complicated image.  I had this photo image from Paint My Photo of these adorable cats and I started my drawing from a sketch, working off of the computer.  I moved away and expanded the image on my own until I needed another image for the empty table.  I found a Grecian Urn in another photo.  PMP Grecian Urn Lorenz on May 5, 2010 PMP cats Connie Gonzalez-Carus on March 29, 2014 2014 - 5 Cat Drwng 012ExpRszdSgnd

It has been a lot of fun working up the dark areas and trying not to use lines to define shapes.  A major issue: the fixative made the black areas seem grey. I ended up scraping off as much of the fixative as I could. It seems to have coarsened the overall effect.  It is something I will have to think on for the next one.  Perhaps a lighter touch.