It must be a poetry day – love this one and had to share this too. Sometimes I use poetry rather than the more common inspiration of music to work on my creative process in painting,


Delicate Thread

Delicate Thread
Of All my Understanding
Touching my Soul
Lightly in this Dimness,
Speak to me in Whispers
Loud enough to Hear
Yet Gentle enough
That my Fragile, fearful heart
Does not Take Flight.

Delicate Thread
Of All my Comprehension
Leading me Onward
Into the Breaking Morn,
Cast Your Light onto
My clouded Path
So my weak and straining Perception
May Ever See You

Delicate Thread
Of All my Boundless Joy
Transforming me
In this Bleak and Tainted Place,
Shine From me into the World
So others may See
And Know this All Encompassing Pleasure
For Themselves.


Beautiful original Artwork by: valeriemonthuit at Deviantart.com

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