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And now for my favourite artist of all time – sometimes that is hard to say with so many new and past artists …. but who could forget him?

Art is Life


450 years have passed since the death of Michelangelo – he died the 18th of February 1564, in Rome – and his work still resonates with the public … and still generates a fair amount of business.

On the anniversary of his death – and you’ll read this phrase often this year on this blog – there are major exhibitions, events, and conferences planned that will try to cast new light on the Renaissance master. And to mention a few: 7000 led lights will illuminate the Sistine Chapel and show off its beauty like never before; exhibitions, events and books are planned in Pietrasanta this year hoping to reveal the secret genius of Michelangelo, and the famed art publisher FMR will publish a large coffee-table book featuring the striking black and white photos of Michelangelo’s sculptures, by Aurelio Amendola. The photos were on display in Florence, recently; they show the…

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