I love teaching art2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 026RszdDtlYesterday’s class, full of strangers, was a great experience from the beginning.  We were triumphant in that the wire birds were almost complete by the end of the class.   I encouraged them to continue to play with the wire – refining the shape, thinking about embellishments and another project.

Throughout the class some of my instruction was either not understood, not heard or misunderstood.  I’m reflecting on those hilarious and sometimes frustrating moments for the students.  Those will have to finessed!  On the up side they learned to redo or think around a problem.

2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 012Rszd 2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 014Rszd 2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 010RSzd 2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 016Rszd

By lunch the class had rolled and shaped the general size and shape of their birds.  After lunch we added legs, beaks and eyes and continued to shape the bodies.

Here are the 6 finished pieces by the class and my small inspiration bird.  I had them work on twice the amount of material.

2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 027Rszd

2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 030Rszd2013-VAM WireSculptureWorkshop 029Rszd