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Snow Dog or White Dog in the Snow is a 36 x 24 acrylic painting I’ve been working on for a week or two.  It is done with palette knife with some brush work.

I think it is finished.  I enhanced some areas today but I’m happy enough with it to be paranoid that I will overwork the piece.2013 - 11 Snow Dog 081CrpdRszdSigned

I got the image from a website called Paint My Photo – where people submit photos for artists to work from.  Strangely I have become more aware of my photo images  of my parent’s farm and Toronto in all-weather.  The woman who took this image has many that are excellent and before I go search in my archives, I have at least 2 more I want to render – some in oils as well.

Photographing my art is also a big deal – blues are very difficult for me for some reason.  I’m sure a photographer could shed ‘light’ on that issue. I had hoped that since I painted the canvas black, red, green and gold with iridescent medium added, that the white would not affect the blue – but then again the blue is heavily burdened with white and transparent gel. Today I was on my balcony using natural light. My husband bought me a tripod but I’m too impatient to use it for one painting – sad aren’t I?