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2013 - 8 108RszdI am running through my older art works and making a catalog.  Tedious but it is nice to document some that are starting to wear due to storage issues.  My drawings are the most affected but some of my earliest attempts at painting are quite fragile – done in pastels, acrylics and oils on old canvas or sign-painter’s linen. The most fragile are in rolls.

Oil Pastels and Oil from the 1980’s

2013 - 8 HartwigMayer-1986 119CrpdRszd2013 - 8 Inge-1985 118CrpdRszd  2013 - 8 Pubbing-1986 116Rszd 2013 - 8 SelfPortrait-1986 121Rszd

1980s: Oils on linen – a lot of these are self-portraits, images of friends and some imaginary scenes.  I was an editorial illustrator at this time and it affected my work.

2013 - 8 SelfPortrait-1986 117.Rszdjpg 2013 - 8 Cafe-1984 113Rszd2013 - 8 Desert-1984 111Rszd

Acrylic: Balcony Triptych – 1993 – this effort has been referred to as my opus.  I painted this when my son was little – when he was napping. It took a year.  I was really into gardening and from this passion I had to pay homage to my crazy balcony.  I think this shows it at its most beautiful.

2013 - 8 Balcony 130Rszd

Acrylic: Cold Clear Morning Triptych – 2006 – this painting was worked on from a number of painting sketches I did one winter while visiting my parents.  This is the view from their sun porch – a painter’s dream studio.

2013 - 8 ColdClearMorninf2-2006 132CrpdRszd2013 - 8 ColdClearMorning1-2006 131CrpdRszd2013 - 8 ColdClearMorning3-2006 133CrpdRszd

It is fun for me to wander through all this work. A lot of my earlier work is realist and now I do abstract most of the time.  I haven’t had may art shows.  Some of these have been in shows. Because I do both abstract and realism I can never see the two in a show together and I am not the most prolific of artists.

When asked if I am showing this year I can honestly say I really have no interest or plans – maybe next year.  It seems to take a lot of extra effort that isn’t where I want to spend my time.  Promotion is key and getting people out to see them.  This is a common failing for artists.