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It has been a difficult road but finally I remembered to bring my camera and to take some images of my student’s work.

2013 - 8 PalleteKnifeWorkshop-Aravind 108RszdAravind has no prior training. He is almost finished this one – I have suggested he think about shadows and in a radiating pattern on the ground, to draw the viewer into the painting.  He is learning to mix colour and to handle the palette knife.  Molly is also a beginner.

2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-MollyMukharje 117Rszd

2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Shirley 111Rszd 2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Shirley121Rszd

Shirley is a student who has been in my realism classes.  The Palette Knife is also new to her.  She brought in this painting of an Irish village that was unfinished.  I encouraged her to explore the knife on the rocks and the foreground.

2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-IngeKent 122Rszd  2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Inge 114Rszd 2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Demo-Inge 115RszdInge arrived late for this workshop and has had only 2 classes.  I have demonstrated right on top of her paper and canvas board.  Then she has worked on top with ideas of her own.

2013 - 8 PaletteKinfeWorkshop-LeiTao 116Rszd Copy of 2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Inge 120Rszd

Lei started the class with a clear denial of the abstract.  Her first effort was described by her boyfriend as ‘pizza’.  Not discouraged she has soldiered on to create this painting, from an inspiration piece.  The class and I think her version is better.  I always want the student to make the ‘copy’ their own.  She already has another idea waiting for next week.

2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Marie-Andree 112Rszd 2013 - 8 PaletteKnifeWorkshop-Marie-Andree 113Rszd

Marie-Andree has some painting background and is very inventive.  Unfortunately I didn’t photograph the 2nd image after she had reworked it.  We have made it less uniform in its values and colours.  Maybe next week I will be able to show her work in a better light.

All sorts of mishaps have kept my students away – jury duty, illness, wrong night, working late for the boss – but they are a cheerful bunch.