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In this 5 week workshop the students are getting the hang of the palette knife and acrylic mediums.  I will also cover design elements so their efforts look good.

In the class we are looking at:

  • What knives are available
  • how to use them to move the paint around efficiently
  • producing many textures through layering, scraping etc
  • the differences between gel and paste mediums
  • understanding heavy and fluid body – how and when to use it.
  • layering different mediums and how that affects the last layer.
  • transparent colour, opaque, gloss, matte and textured mediums
  • drying times

I wish there was some way we could get discounts for the students to try new mediums – they are expensive.  Makes my demos expensive too.

Here is a sample of one of  my recent abstracts, using the palette knife and gel mediums.

2013 - 5 097Rszd

Abstract No.1 – 20″ x 40″ x 2″ acrylic – 2013

Next week I should have images from the class and some interesting results.