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I find selling my art, very entertaining.  Watching the buyer’s face and expression, listening to their comments – wonderful.  They ‘love a piece’, ‘it doesn’t say anything to them’, ‘they are taken to some place by my art’ – it is all good.  I enjoy presenting my art.  It may be a hangover from my illustration days.  Talking to the Editors or Designers at Newspapers, Magazines and Publishers was always entertaining and when the work was done the atmosphere was celebratory. Many of my paintings are stored or haven’t been up on my walls for a year or two. I enjoy bringing out samples for the client to see.

I don’t understand the current concern [in some eyes] that an artists older art is less interesting.  It is true for me that often I will not return to the concerns or style of past work – but that doesn’t make it less in some way.  I may return to that idea or application – it isn’t unheard of nor is it forbidden.



This week I sold two paintings and the experience was as purely blissful as it was painting them.  Both buyers were clearly in love and saw the paintings in their space, eager to get home.  Here are the 2 pieces.  They come from my series Rhythms – Earth and Sky 2012.  #1 & #5  Acrylic on Canvas