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I love workshops.  I never thought I’d say that.  They take a lot of preparation and are risky as to whether anyone will sign up. Because this is the 1st time this workshop is being offered we have a small class. The 3 day workshop [crasher] explores ink, watercolour and acrylic on paper.

Watercolour & Print Paper

I want the students to try out different paper [they get paper with the class fee] and should bring some themselves.  The first class was fun and everyone [4 students – very intimate] watched the others experiment and helped where needed.  We started with Marbling.  I  had to be inventive with the ‘size’ that thickened the water and ‘paint thickness’ but it did work.  It also brought the class together with this much interaction.

Here are some samples of my efforts for demonstration purposes.  The 2 samples are heavy watercolour paper and heavy printing paper [linen].

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This summer I taught another Palette Knife workshop.  It is a summer evening class – 2nd year.  The 2nd year the class was double the size.  As usual the students are so diverse that you really have no idea where the class will go until the dynamics are revealed.  Naturally I have a demonstration and lecture part of the class.  Currently at this school I teach abstraction but in this workshop the students can try out realism as well.

In both my classes and the workshops I get a lot of beginners and I have felt obliged to add introductory art principles to class.  A fair number of students are unfamiliar with the principles of design, armatures and colour theory.  Because they are new to the idea of non-representational work – or close to it – I give out a list of Library books that I feel help familiarize them with trends and artists.

The latest class is no different in that each student brings their own past experience in art.  Because none of them had ever done marbling they were on a level playing ground.  I am thankful that they are all enthusiastic and so helpful to each other as well as to me.