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Yes that is right – I am down that road again.  It is no wonder I have a love-hate relationship with realism.  I have this idea and I am struggling with the result.  So here is Jenn. From the early stage to now. I actually like the rawness of the original stages.  However I am happy with the introduction of the leaves.  Although I would love to work on it today again – I am waiting a while before doing so.  I have to think about the warm tones on her face. In the photo I am not too happy but when I look at the original I am.

One of the upsides to this summer’s efforts is that I allowed myself the time and the uncritical [at least in part] progress of this painting.  In the end I am not too fond of the tightness that has crept in.  Perhaps when I revisit this piece I can free the piece.
The Mulberry trees behind the figure are supposed to be an extension of the figure. Right now I think they are a bit forward.