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I have the 2nd painting at my Friday Class to work on there so my students who want to learn to paint in oils can see what I go through.  Here’s the sketch.

  With Prabha’s painting I am using a background – she is standing in front of a window at the art school.  The light is very nice and I hope the end product is good.

I have completed my painting of my son – the 3rd painting of the summer.  I think it is finished but no doubt I will rework it again in the next few weeks.  I am trying not to overwork these.  It is my greatest failing.  Jack has decided to use this image as his photo.  The following images show the original sketch and the finished piece.  I used 2 photos of Jack to do the work.  I liked the face in one and the shirt in another.  It is better for the effort.

Here is Jack:

Sketch – Jack

Jack 2012