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Creative – Direction – Inspiration  ~ Where are you my muse?

Many days go by and that compulsion to create doesn’t push me out of the sofa.  I’m not disciplined enough to do art every day.  I do a lot of thinking.  I review strategies and projects that are waiting.  Most days I’d rather read.  I’ve just come off months of manic reading.  Yes there was art done on some days.  There were even lots of art books. The genres are mostly SF novels and Fantasy.  Anything that is way out there and colourful in visuals and language.

Night time is my most creative time and I find I can’t go to bed.  I resist.  When I lie down the ideas start-up.  I wish I had a recorder.  It would have to record images and ideas. Some nights I can hardly lie there without jumping out of bed to run to the studio to takes notes or sketch.  This can be lengthily.  It happens most evenings.  The bedside sketchbook doesn’t cut it as I’m no good drawing in the dark. Sometimes I tell myself I will remember in the morning – never – not even once.  Worst of all the ideas are hanging out of reach if they are looked for.

Once I get all  my programs back into my computer I can play with Photoshop again and Corel.  I’ve put in 2 days of computer angst and am not too eager to return to installing programs that are not uploading.

Having this summer free is lovely.  Now that I’m not reading there should be more creative  – a little more each day.  I have five books waiting for a read but I have art projects started that are fun and challenging.  Painting 2 and 3 are sketched.  I have work that I am avoiding – house-work, re-organizing the studio, creating a digital art book, and teaching preparation for my August workshop.

I might review my illustrated story for children.  It’s about Chickadees.  I need to do some research and many drawings.  That story came to me one night as well.  My son liked the 1st draft.  It has not been worked on for months.  Perhaps new insights will come.  Once again the illustrations were digital – maybe later.