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It all started with my students who are hooked on realism.  I had to get back into it myself.  I have worked on images that were straight from my head but I noticed that for me this wasn’t working very well.  I took some life drawing classes this winter/spring and really had a good time.  I was lucky to get a few people to pose for me so I could work on some figurative pieces.

Working from photos can be tricky in that they take away from the depth you see when working from a study.  I took many photos to remind myself of how the person looks in 3D.

I have finally started my summer paintings – yes I know it is mid July!  I prepped my canvases – all dark [for my students in the Fall – please think to prep your canvases with acrylic now – especially for those working in oils, this will allow time for your canvas to be dry and ready].  Prepping canvases beats wondering what to do next if you have canvases that need a background colour.  I used black and Crimson for most of them and tried black and green for one.  Use whatever colours you are inspired by.  I used a dark colour to contrast the pale image.

Even though I am working in realism I have a few abstracts in mind as well. For the portraits I am using a limited palette – Rose, Yellow Ocher, Black, White and Naples Yellow. I did a few sketched versions beforehand – using white Conte [looked like chalk on a blackboard].  When I took photos of the piece yesterday I saw it was all wrong so I worked on it until 1am.  It has to dry now – the arms, hair and shirt are all going to be reworked – a bit.  I think if I work on the face any more it will get overworked. Of course I will not be able to resist but I am giving it a break and am starting another one.  I am considering leaving the background as is – although I did sketch in a pattern.

This is the 1st time I can see the 2 images together. The sketch is done freehand. It isn’t important for me to recreate the photo.  I am most interested in creating a reflective painting.ImageImageImage