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Yellow Blue – 10×14

Contrary to the article I posted before this one,  I have to say that there are some master painters/sculptors/printers, graphic artists and illustrators [and writers] who seem to achieve creativity and perfection together.  I enjoy the perfection others bring to their art.  Perhaps I never was meant to go there.  However, I do think that my work is hindered by my attempt at perfection.   I enjoy chaos a great deal and expressions of freedom that modern art allows.  Currently I am working at my abstract and realistic paintings with renewed interest.

I recently produced a number of small paintings.  They were all on canvas board and in acrylic.  I have a few unfinished oils for that series waiting.  My new projects are going to be realistic in expression and figurative in subject.  I am hesitating a bit to begin.  I have taken photo studies and have done some life drawing as warm ups.   There will be at least 2 oil paintings started by next week.  Originally I thought I’d do 2 figures together but I now think they look best alone.  As I have done in the past – I will probably go for a graffiti wall backdrop – I am not too keen on placing the subject in a specific location.  The graffiti allows me to add subtext or just some atmosphere.

Here is the 3 Graces I worked on in 2010. The new paintings are hopefully going to be better than this one.  I made too  many changes in the painting below.  Ultimately I didn’t like the final outcome.

3 Graces - unfinished

3 Graces – unfinished

3 Graces - final version 2010

3 Graces – final version 2010