Night Shades #2

The Art Fair was more than interrupted by the rain, wind and cold.  I bailed.  I called my partner for the booth and he understood.  Since Friday it has been raining, gusty and is quite cool.  The cool I can handle easily [14C to 17C].  The wind [25 to 50 k/hr] and rain on canvas boards – not so much.

Sunrise – 9×12

I hope Sudkahar does OK.  He said his paintings were mostly large ones and lots of them, plus he is also bringing miniatures.  After our conversation I felt he wouldn’t miss my contribution to the booth.  I question if there would have been enough space for all the easels, tables and chairs.  My husband and family and friends have all enjoyed the paintings I produced.  Perhaps another venue will present itself and I will show them.  At the least they will appear on my website.

The day was kind of washed out for me as  I had put a lot of work and energy into the show.  I had a strange resting and very exhausted day.

Here are some more of the art works I worked on for the show.