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We had a fantastic model today.  Naturally there were a few who didn’t like him – for all the reasons I did.  He was very trim and you could see his muscles.  His poses were very fluid and well thought out.

Today I used marker for the 1 minute and 3 minute poses and then turned to graphite and white conte.  When it was pointed out that charcoal and conte were forbidden – I moved to white pencil.  I really hope my drawings starts to be more powerful soon.  I am not unhappy with today’s effort – just am inpatient to improve.  I think I should include a sharper graphite pencil so I can get those details in the face.  Contrarily I would like to include broad and bolder shaded areas.  The stomp is helpful but is still too delicate for anything that isn’t a detail.  The final drawing suffered because the monitor kept moving the heater and the light source.  His hand that is reaching forward looks awkward to me – in my sketch.

None of my students came today – lots intimidated or overbooked.  It was a full house without them – good group at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I hear the afternoon class is smaller but I really work best in the morning or late at night.