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It never seems easy to do both your art and to promote it at the same time.  I really lack enthusiasm for the process.  Added to this is my art teaching which is very exciting.  I know I should show my art and it is accumulating like a hoarders’ nightmare.  Sharing my art is fantastic and selling it is a big part of that.  Motivation has come by family, friends and my own efforts.

I’ve been receiving a number of applications to show at galleries, local, out-of-town and country.  After some investigation I perceived that most are simply looking for money and are not connected to my art.  Like all things it is important to know what is really happening.

This month I was accepted by the Mississauga Choral Society to show my art, along with other artists, at their April concert.  It is their 1st try at combining art and music.  I enjoy a new idea and experience.  The good and bad news is that it is one evening. Already it has generated interest in my art and that is quite exciting.

Although our Public Library System is on strike I sent out an application to show this year or next.  I have also joined one of my students to show this summer at a historic site in Clarkson.  I have never shown at an outdoor event and this should be fun.

Blues 2011