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I have been busy and my work is growing thankfully.  Possibility of an art show happening is a good incentive. The busy part gets in the way of art most of the time.  Here are the latest pieces.

Calculus – 2011

Calculus is a good name for this piece however I did have another that alludes me.  It is all about control, lack of control and layers.

Flotsam – 2011

Flotsam is similar however it is full of found objects and reminds me of discovery of lost or discarded items.

Structure – 2011

Percussion [formerly Structure] is a minimalist piece – it is executed half matt and half gloss so it has an interesting effect on the viewer.  The transparent layers give a stained glass experience and therefore seems like a detail from a larger piece.

Organics #7

Rhythm : Organics #7 continues my series down yet another road.  It is still organic although it is the most controlled of the series.  It is similar in feel to #2 which has been sold.

Rhythm : Organics #7

~ note: this also sold this Spring and looks a bit differently – as seen in this image.  Or maybe not – you may not see the colours added or note the final presentation.