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I just saw the show.  It was excellent.  There were quite a few big named artists [Picasso, Molinari, Harold Town]  and so it was a bit of an art history lesson.  I loved the strength of the most recent works.  For example in the more realist modern paintings Canadian John McKee‘s winter landscapes are just brilliant.

The abstract pieces were fantastic.  I feel overwhelmed by the show.  Naturally there was art there that I just can’t relate to or it bores me.  So there was a good representation of all taste. Rachelle Nee‘s art was striking and bold.  I have to say that her work has to be seen up close as it is luminous and the colours are rich.  Peter Monaghan‘s sculpture paintings that are the ultimate impressionist.  He relies on the light and the texture [of the paper or metal ] to create a sundial of sorts.  As you approach the art it changes.  When the light changes so does the painting.  Another Canadian artist that I enjoyed was Attila Richard Lukacs.  His puzzle or pieced canvases where great.  I loved the textures and structure.
It was a not to be missed event.