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I have been working on the possibility of an art show.  Naturally I want the show to be current and not a retrospective.  This means suppressing the urge to paint over and instead master each piece.  It also means I have to paint more often instead of thinking only.  Normally I work on concepts for a long time before the frenzy of painting.  Teaching had been a big help to me as my student’s energy and journeys inspire me.

The Organics Series came about because I like to paint with a concept in mind.  The images come to me mostly as I try to rest at night.  Guess I’m very creative when everything else is quiet, including my mind.  The impression I have regarding the Organic nature of these works is their connection to the basics of life.  They also grow on the painting.  Each piece is individual at this point although a few of them make me want to start a sub-series.  I am working on at least 4 at a time and they influence each other.

Here are newest pieces.  #1 and #4 are finished and were started in June.  I posted #2 and #3 in my first blog.

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