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I have been teaching basic art techniques for about 8 years now.  I feel it helps me as much as my students.  One student’s dilemma can be a big help to everyone.  Presently I am teaching a class in Abstract Painting.  Part of teaching the class is bringing forth images and information on past and present abstract artists.  I was never a big fan of art history as a student and now I regret this.  It impresses me how interested my students are.  At the same time I am more interested these days and find the information very helpful.  Perhaps it is my passion that is improving the experience for teacher and student.

This weekend I finally got to work on some new paintings.  One was almost too easy and I am quite pleased with it.  Naturally the second painting has not been easy at all.  It verges on being considered wallpaper.  That makes me shudder – a lot.

I have been quite inspired by the sky recently – the big fall display of clouds and long sunsets/sunrises.

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& now for the paintings …. Technically they are just started.