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I recently came across these 3 American artists and would like to share their talent with you.  Jill Polsby and Steve Worthington are both exceptional artists working in very different mediums.  Jill is a watercolourist and Steve is a sculptor.  Anne Zoutsos is not only a realist, she is wonderful with composition and colour.  She works in oil but the example I pulled is a watercolour.
Her execution of her subject matter – animals – is as sensitive as
Steve’s.  I have 4 students who can learn lots from her as well.

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I hope you go to their websites and look at the rest of their work – it is worth the time.  Jill & Steve both were in a project to support animals through their work.

As an art teacher I am always looking for inspiration for my various students and myself.  I never will be a watercolourist – probably – but I so admire their skills.  I trained as a sculptor but haven’t done any work in that area for years.  I paint these days and that is my voice, giving me a challenge and interest.  My work tends to be mostly abstract but I do work in realism as well.

I am always eager to look at other artists – if you have a special artist in mind please let me know.